Monday, August 29, 2011

Perfecting Ryolith

Ryolith is the AoE fight of all AoE fights for prot warriors. there is a lot that you can do to maximize DPS, and there is also a lot you can screw up. Hopefully, the following post will help you screw up less.

  • Wear all DPS gear. If your guild has you tanking both the fragments AND the spark, then wear a bit of tanking gear, also get a new guild.
  • Any expertise past 26 is almost completely wasted as the fragments are level 85 mobs.
  • Wearing 2pc t12 tank set is not advised because you aren't going to be doing a lot of shield slams
Basic Premise:
  • Kill the fragments, then find the biggest group of liquid obsidians you can and kill those until a new round of fragments, once boss pushes over to p2, spam execute.
  • keep vigilance on the spark/ryolith tank the whole fight. 
The actually "useful" information:
  • Start the fight in berserker stance, do your standard non tanking DPS rotation and what not, but don't blow heavy bust cooldowns, shortly before the first fragments spawn swap to defensive stance and put a rend up, then thunderclap to spread it to the other leg. time this so TC is back up by the time the fragments spawn.
  • When the first fragments spawn, immideately heroic leap on them, if they are already near the elg then TC, if not then rend/TC, after this shockwave, spam TC/Revenge/Cleave until they die, make sure you are close enough for the legs to get hit by TC. DO NOT Blow any Burst CD's yet, most of the people AoEing will still have trinket procs up so they will melt and waste your cooldowns.
  • By the time the fragments die, there should be some Liquid obsidian running around, Go get rends ticking on as many as possible, but don't use your shockwave on them.
  • More or less rinse and repeat, since the nerfs you are only going to get 1 recklessness/retaliation during the fight, so use it when most appropriate, Retaliation can be used pretty much whenever, but recklessness should be used when there are also a lot of liquids near ryolith. try and set it up so you can also use a heroic leap during recklessness.Also use your strength pot during recklessness.
  • As always harass your druids until they give you thorns

Next time it's going to get cheesy, cause I'm going to be discussing domo. 


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