Sunday, August 21, 2011

A challenger appears.

Me and a warrior by the name of renlol have been going back and forth competing for #1 prot DPS on Occu'thar 25man for a few weeks now, but he decided to be fury this week so he lost his chance to beat me. The current record is  25414 DPS. He'll get another chance though next week when I let our prot paladin get #1 for his respective class/spec.

This was achieved by tanking the boss through three consecutive breathes, and getting heavy cooldowns used for the 2nd and 3rd breathe. after this out offtank taunted off of me only to eat a breathe so I could clear my stacks. I recieved 3 tricks of the trade over the course of the fight and I pre-rended occu'thar before every set of eyes, whcih i would then heroic leap on to and then TC/shockwave.

The advantage I have over renlol is that he is not doing any AOE damage to the eyes, and this is ultimately why he is can't beat me.

For those interested in seeing the prot warrior DPS rankings for Occu'thar 25 man, click this

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