Monday, August 22, 2011

How to be good at something everyone is bad at

Probably the most important part of achieving high DPS as a prot warrior is to stop worrying about tanking.
  • you are going to hold agro, especially since the threat hotfix.
  • you are going to survive, your healers will keep you alive, if they don't then you die and will probably wipe so they get to try to not fuck up again. yes, you should be using your survival cooldowns when needed but that should be second nature to you.

your goal needs to be doing as much damage as you possibly can.
  • Warriors have an incredible amount of utilities available for maximizing your DPS, and while most of them get neglected, knowing when to use them will make a huge difference. 
  • even on a single target fight heroic leap should be used on cooldown. you should practice leaping mid charge at the start of the fight to get the benefit of the rage from charge and the damage from the leap. 
  • cycling colossus smashes immediately after a shield block will help you maximize SS damage for that block uptime. 
  •  Vigilance should always be on the target taking the most damage, getting the max amount of vengeance possible is vital.
over the next few days/weeks/decades I'll be making posts regarding encounter specific tricks for maximizing your DPS while prot.

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