Thursday, September 1, 2011

Perfecting Majordomo Staghelm

Yes, that's almost 10k more DPS than the #2 ranked parse.
I hope you like cheese, because ranking on this fight is the epitome of doing what you aren't supposed to do.

The basics:
  • You won't be tanking ever.
  • Wear 100% DPS gear plus 2pc T12 tanking gear for the Shield Slam DoT
  • Keep vigilance on the tank. you won't be getting much vengeance from it though.
Specific tricks:

  • When ever there are cats active you should be using shockwave on cooldown, though don't worry about swapping to defensive stance to rend/TC unless there are a lot of cats active (Read: at least 3+ domo)
  • One way to get a tiny bit of extra vengeance at the start is to intervene the tank right before the pull occurs, though this should only be done if you are using a strat that results in the tank getting melee's almost immediately, as you don't want to delay the damage buff ramp up.
  • One nice thing about being prot is that you cannot be targeted with searing seeds. 
  • you should be able to get 2 full cooldown burst sets (by this I mean being able to line up all of your DPS cooldowns, including recklessness) you should use your strength pot when you get the second cooldown lineup. 

This fight is boringly straightforward in terms of ranking, one thing to be concious though is that my DPS on this fight as prot is about half of what I do as fury, so if you are already getting kills dangerously close to the enrage timer, I wouldn't suggest attempting this.

In other news, in the near future I will be sort of expanding this blog a bit, I intend to have sections specifically for prot oriented posts, as well as for fury, and other miscellaneous stuff. If I get even more ambitious I'll start frapsing some of my record attempts and posting them on my youtube channel, though I still haven't decided about this yet.


  1. yes, it is a game, and it's a game I am apparently good at or something, or at least I suck less than a lot of the other people playing it.

  2. oh ok, i gotta check it out then, thanks for the tips!