Monday, September 12, 2011

After 300 attempts, I can do this in a coma:

  1. accept the ready check, raid leader says "let's go"
  2. Countdowns starts
  3. pre-pot at 2 seconds
  4. combat pulses, hit berserker rage and bloodthirst at the same time
  5. Battle shout, if Battle trance proc'ed then HS
  6. wait about 0.5 then hit recklessness/Deathwish
  7. Colossus smash
  8. Bloodthirst
  9. Heroic leap in between this GCD, if I haven't had any misses I should have enough rage to HS here, recklessness is still up it should proc incite.
  10. Raging blow
  11. Bloodthirst (CS ends)
  12. Should be able to get 2nd HS here right before t12 shout buff ends
  13. Pause berserker rage usage to land just as deathwish is about to fade to prevent any possible RB delay
  14. Hit rallying cry right before the first melee knock back.
  15. Use next CS on cooldown, making sure to pool rage a bit to ideally get 2 HS's during the CS
  16. Delay 3rd CS to be used with 2nd T12 shout buff. Maintaining perfect BT discipline, Rotation for this time period is as follows: BT-Shout-BT-CS-BT&heroic leap-RB-BT.
  17. Time HS uses to make sure I'm not rage capped by the melee knock back or by getting hit by traps
  18. Repeat this process once more, push to transition phase shortly after CS comes off CD for the 7th time.
  19. adds spawn, spam cleave/BT, use WW if 4 or more mobs are nearby. Mid way through the phase battleshout/heroic leap comes off cooldown, make sure to use them ASAP
  20. transition ends, stack up on the right. use victory rush if available during a free GCD, use CS/Deathwish as they come off CD.
  21. move at 1.
  22. Seeds detonate, if not targeted by an elemental heroic leap/WW immediately, if not then wait for add to die, then leap. 
  23. cleave the remaining elementals, but maintain BT discipline on the boss. 
  24. do this while dodging engulfing, and the smash,while doing spin moves and eating a burrito.
  25. Stack up on the left side, move at 2.  t12shout/CS lineup occurs while moving. 
  26. hit rallying cry 3 seconds before seeds detonate. 
  27. Repeat elemental strategy. 2nd round of engulfing always has the 4th tick. 
  28. Stack up on the right, move at 2. Stop DPS while moving because the nerf messed up the timing of the transition. 
  29. elementals spawn, start DPSing again, repeat elemental strategy.
  30. shift right during engulfing, prepare for transition.
  31. Heroic throw the right scion right after it get's MD'ed, if it's a left split there is time to melee it a bit to pool rage.
  32. Repeat transition strat, but with more cleaving and Whirlwind'ing.
  33. When one son is left up, DPS the scion that's marked, make sure it has sunders.
  34. boss goes active again, swap to boss to get a sunder stack up, then back to the scion to build a stack or 2 of executioner before it dies. get a few last cleaves on the remaining scion as it's moved away. 
  35. group up on the right with the other melee, dodge engulfings while doing spin moves and eating a burrito.
  36. after the first engulfing ends, lust is popped, use all available cooldowns with this including DPS potion.
  37. 20% should hit shortly after the 3rd set of engulfing. stack executioner while maintaining perfect BT discipline, and being perfect about GCD usage when lining up CS/t12 shout buff when stacking executioner. 
  38. Push to phase 4 with 4 meteors up, watch all the retards knock the meteors in to the worst imaginable spots. proceed to wipe within 20 seconds because people freak out.
  39. Release
  40. Run back, listen to raid leader sigh multiple times, and do a mediocre job of calling people out, while being very loud in general.
  41. If it's past 11:30, take the portal to ogrimmar, promptly log off and close ventrilo, if not past 11:30, ignore this step
  42. wait for buffs and eat the feast.
  43. Go to 1

I am so bored of this fight.


  1. Sometimes I miss world of warcraft. This is not one of the reasons. The new ragnaros fight, right? I quit about a month after t11 was downed by paragon, never got to any hardmodes though = /

    Feel free to check out my newly started blog

  2. i kind of don't miss that after i completely stopped playing the game.