Sunday, August 28, 2011

Perfecting Beth'tilac

While for most of you (meaning probably none of you), you won't be able to fully copy how my guild does beth'tilac, but you can still use the information.

How I do Beth'tilac:
My job on this fight is strictly taunting spinners, I keep vigilance on the take that is going up in p1, this refreshes my taunt cooldown every 2 seconds or so, allowing me to quickly get all the spinners down before they rape the shit out of the raid. Because of the fact I do no actual tanking, I wear 100% DPS gear for this fight, except for 2pc T12 from my tanking set. While taunting spinners my goal is to piss off the ranged DPS and make it hard for them to kill the spinners on the ground, allowing me to spend more time DPSing them, you should be more or less spamming TC on cooldown to keep the spinners on you (obviously have a rend up too for BnT). once all the spinners are dead I switch to berserker stance and begin DPSing drones. stacking as many burst cooldowns together when ever possible.

if you are using this exact strategy:
  • try and call for thorns when ever spinners are alive. 
  • try to make AoEing the spinners inconvenient for your range DPS, they should be killing the drone anyway. 
  • you can get 1 heroic leap off per round of spinners, don't forget about it.
  • after the first round of spinners are dead use a full burst rotation, including recklessness, it will be up for hero/lust.
  • in p2 every time a tank swap occurs switch your vigilance to the current tank, doing this should allow you to sit at ~75-80% vengeance for the entirety of the phase.
  • spam execute sub 20% unless you have under 30 rage, then SS. 
If you are actually going to be tanking drones/beth'tilac:
  • still get thorns as much as possible
  • the more spinners you can get on you the better, doing as much AoE damage in p1 as possible is they key to high DPS. 
  • any time you are not tanking beth'tilac, swap to berserker stance and DPS. 

Next blog will be about Ryolith. look for that shortly after you are admitted to a nursing home because i like to procrastinate.


    1. I just started on my Prot Warrior! Will follow for guidance :D!

    2. World of Warcraft, those were the days lol

    3. This is a dope blog. I will follow